49ers vs Saints game

I had seen an ad on Facebook for a local radio station to text to win tickets to a niners-cowboys game, I entered to win. They called to tell me I didn't win but had heard my son's story and how he is a huge niners fan and wanted to do something bigger and better for him. A few days later a lady from the 49ers community relations department contacted me and said Alejadro was selected in the champions program and they were sending him and his whole family to a game! We were so excited she said it was going to be a once and a lifetime experience and she wasn't lying! Alejandro said " it was the best day of his life!" We were suprised with on field passes once we arrived. We all got to be on field they whole pre game. Got autographs from Colin Kaepernick and Patton. He said he was less than 10 feet away from legend Drew Brees from the saints. His name came across the big screen! It was such am amazing day and I can't thank the 49ers organization enough for allowing us to make these memories as a family!! Although the niners didn't win it was trully an experience we won't ever forget!!


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